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World Chocolates Tasting Box

World Chocolates Tasting Box

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Chocolate is said to be the natural aphrodisiac, evoking the same feelings in the body as falling in love. This chocolate tasting date night box combines travel and your favorite treat - chocolates. Pretend to be chocolate sommeliers; taste chocolates from different world countries and score them together. This date night in a box comes with a chocolate tasting instructions and a scoring card for you to experience chocolate tasting as a real pro.

What's in the box?

- Chocolates from 9 world countries
- Chocolate tasting instructions and a scoring card

Are you a chocolate lover or know someone who is? This world chocolates box is a unique gift to someone who loves chocolates and traveling! Give a gift of experience!

At Krush, we believe that date nights are crucial to keep our relationships strong and exciting. We also believe in the power of shared experiences that create ever-lasting memories. We have created the best date night boxes for you to share with your loved one, be wowed and have a blast. Give a gift of an unforgettable date night experience to your Krush. Fall in love over and over again.


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