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Movie Date Night Box

Movie Date Night Box

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Take your movie night to the next level with this fun Movie Date Night Box! Perfect for warm summer nights when you want to stay in and watch something together.

Play the movie trivia night game to test your movie knowledge and have fun.

With the 100 movies scratch poster, you will never browse for hours until you both fall asleep. Pick a movie from the list of the best 100 movies to see and enjoy your night!

If you’ve never made a popcorn in a cob, you’ll love experimenting that too! With the easy instructions to follow, this Amish popcorn in a cob is fun to make! The box also contains popcorn seasoning and 2 popcorn containers for your homemade popcorn.

This movie date night box also comes with 2 other surprise snacks for a delicious date night.


What’s in the box?

~ 100 Movies Scratch Poster
~ Amish Popcorn on the Cob with a Bag for Popping
~ Popcorn Seasoning
~ Movie Trivia Cards
~ 2 Popcorn Containers
~ 2 Bags of Snacks
~ Dice-flix Game
~ Conversation Starter questions


This movie date night box is a perfect gift for couples who love movies. Get a gift of an experience that keeps giving! With the movie trivia game, 100 movies scratch poster and the dice-flix game, they’ll be entertained for many more date nights to come!

🎁 Great anniversary gift, birthday surprise, engagement and wedding gift, or just because. 🎁

Invest in Experiences, Create Memories!


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