Love is Blind - Poem About Love

Love is Blind - Poem About Love

Love is blind, so they say,
And it often leads us astray,
But oh, how sweet it is to feel,
The rush of passion that it can reveal.

It sees not race, nor wealth, nor fame,
But looks within the heart, where it claims,
That true beauty lies, and there it finds,
A love that's pure, that forever binds.

It leads us to take leaps of faith,
To risk it all, to embrace,
The unknown and the untried,
For in love's embrace, we find our guide.

It may be blind, but love can see,
Beyond the surface, to what could be,
A love that's strong, that's true, that's real,
A love that we can't help but feel.

So let us embrace this love that's blind,
And let it lead us to the divine,
For in the end, we'll come to find,
That love is the most precious of all things combined.

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