The Most Bizarre Things We've Done to Spice Up Our Relationship

5 Funny Things We've Done to Spice Up Our Relationship

The Most Bizarre Things We've Done to Spice Up Our Relationship

My husband and I have been together for a while, and let's be real - relationships can get a little... dull. So we've tried out some pretty bizarre things to spice things up. And by "bizarre," we mean downright ridiculous. But hey, we're all about trying new things, right? Here are some of the most bizarre things we've done to keep things interesting in our relationship:

  1. "The Great Outdoors Challenge." We decided to take our date night outdoors and go camping. And by "camping," we mean setting up a tent in the backyard and pretending we were in the wilderness. We used camp date night box to make our camp experience exciting, roasted s'mores and used the conversation starters to ask each other questions. The camping part itself was a total fail (mostly because we couldn't get the damn tent to stay upright), but we had a good laugh about it.

  2. "The Blindfolded Foodie Adventure." We thought it would be fun to surprise each other with a series of blindfolded food tastings. The catch? We had to guess what we were eating. Let's just say it was a lot harder than we thought, and we ended up making some pretty gross guesses.

  3. "The Celebrity Impersonator Showdown." We're not exactly sure how this one came about, but we found ourselves doing celebrity impressions for each other. It was equal parts embarrassing and hilarious. And yes, we're still trying to live down the fact that one of us did a spot-on impression of Justin Bieber.

  4. "The Silent Disco Dance Party." We've always been a little... uh, awkward when it comes to dancing. But we figured if we couldn't see each other, it wouldn't be as embarrassing. So we grabbed some wireless headphones and danced our hearts out in silence. It was a strange sight to behold, but we had a blast.

  5. "The Scavenger Hunt for Dummies." We're both pretty competitive, so we decided to have a little scavenger hunt around the city. The catch? We had to do it blindfolded. Let's just say we ended up at the wrong park and had to be rescued by a kind stranger.

While some of these bizarre attempts to spice things up didn't exactly go as planned, we had a lot of fun trying them out. And hey, at least we have some good stories to laugh about now. Here's to trying new things and keeping the spark alive in our relationship!

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